What should you pay attention to with takeaway packaging?

At takeaway and delivery services, the first thing your customers see is your packaging. It's the first impression and therefore incredibly important! With the right packaging, you can make a good impression and set the tone for your dishes' expectations. In this blog, you will learn what to consider when choosing the right packaging.

Assess your needs

When you start delivering food, it's wise to begin by assessing what you'll need. Look at your menu and figure out what packaging and disposables you'll require, considering whether you serve your dishes hot or cold. Also, consider whether you need other disposables such as straws, lids, and napkins.

Consider what your customers value

Try to figure out precisely what your customers value. Is it ambiance and experience? Should your packaging look trendy? Or is sustainability of utmost importance? Try to put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about what they expect from you. In our range, you'll find many products to meet these needs, such as disposables made of kraft paper with a natural and trendy appearance, or fully biodegradable packaging made of cornstarch or sugarcane. Write everything down and make a list of what you and your customers value.

Do not skimp on quality

Running a restaurant involves a lot of work, and sometimes you have to watch your budget. However, remember that packaging is crucial. Although it may be tempting to go for the cheapest (and often least sustainable) packaging, it's best to avoid doing so. Some customers will not appreciate it. Customers value sustainability, even when it comes to takeaway and delivery.

And it's not just your customers who appreciate better quality, but your dishes too! You want to deliver a hot pasta dish and avoid letting cold desserts melt. Moreover, it's wise to consider how different packaging affects your dishes and ingredients. A plastic container for a hot dish causes condensation and drops inside your disposable. As a result, crispy dishes won't remain crispy. If you want to ensure that all parts of your dish arrive in good condition and don't lose quality, you can consider using different types of packaging for a dish. For example, put the burger in a burger box, the fries in a bag, and the sauce in a sauce container. This way, everything stays fresh!

Go for sustainability!

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in everyone's daily life. It's so important that a ban on plastic disposable items, the SUP legislation, came into effect in July 2021. It's wise to consider this when making your choice. Our advice? Go for sustainable disposables right away. Friendly disposables are not only better for the environment but also for your image.

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