• Our materials

    Continuously, we do our very best to keep innovating with sustainable products. Our goal? We strive for plastic to be a thing of the past, preferably today rather than tomorrow! However, we are also realistic enough to understand that unfortunately, there isn't a (good) alternative for everything just yet.

    We aim to offer our customers the most sustainable assortment possible, while ensuring products of good quality! Below you will find more information about the materials we use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Bamboo is a plant species that grows incredibly fast and is often seen as a weed. The plant produces new stems every year that rapidly shoot up in height.

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Palm leaf

Palm leaf products are made from the waste that is generated during the growth process of palm trees. Each product is unique because every leaf is simply unique.

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Bagasse, like palm leaf, is a waste product, but in this case from sugarcane. The sugarcane waste was previously often burned, causing pollution.

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Paper, cardboard and wood

To make these products, trees need to be cut down. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this, but we can handle it in a conscious manner.

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Aluminum is, logically, seen as less sustainable than, for example, paper or wood. However, aluminum is sustainable in certain aspects.

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Ideally, we wouldn't sell any plastic at all. However, unfortunately, there is still not a (good) alternative available everywhere without plastic.

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